My first course in english

Hello Leutz,

this week I did my first ISA training in english. One of my customers is located in germany and in many other countries around the world so we decided to give the training in english. I had a lot of fun speaking in english and it was more simply as i thought to speak english because most of the course details was “IT language” oriented. I had more problems speaking english in the breaks between the course when the topics was not IT oriented.

Photos follow:


greetings Marc

3 Responses to “My first course in english”

  1. Uwe says:

    Du brauchst mal ne bessere Digicam…

  2. Marc.Grote says:

    Komisch, das sagen alle, aber mein Handy ist erst 6 Jahre alt und muss noch etwas halten, Du weisst doch, Wirtschaftskrise 🙂

  3. Jens Mander says:

    you need a better digicam!